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Office Space for TD's and PM's 

Are you a TD or PM that just needs a place to chill while you work??Hang with the dogs!!Work comfortably surrounded by professionals in the industry, indoors or outdoors. Rental space includes access to a printer and a plotter, business internet, a guest landline phone, and access to a library of textbooks and catalogs.
Even if your a student that is just sick of sitting in the design lab at school, we got you covered.

Computers available!!

Daily Rates and Weekly/Monthly subscriptions available. All within a 1 minute walk from the Prospect AVE station or 4 min walk from the F 4 AV station. 

PM's and TD's that are actively using SDS for building scenery, are always welcome to use our space at no charge!

Email to inquire about rates!

Shop Space 

Just need a space to build a small show??
We can help!! With a super flexible schedule and 24 hour access to the space, you can work nearly anytime to get things done. 

Item Rentals and Custom Orders 
 *Please Email for Availability*

Pricing does not cover any delivery or truck loading

8' x 1-1/2" Schedule 40 Pipe

10' x 1-1/2"
Over 25 PCs in Stock                              $5.00EA / Per Week 

**Customs lengths available at certain quantities.

Spedrail Style Flanges for 1-1/2" Schedule 40 Pipe
50 PCs in Stock                                       $1.50 EA / Per Week 

Rigid and Swivel                                      $1.50 EA / Per Week
140 Rigid 
+30 Swivel


Custom Cut Swaged Stingers 
We can cut and swage AC cable for production needs.
1/16", 1/8", 3/16" Black or Silver
**Inquire by Email

24V DMX Decoders and 24V Power Supplies
10 Sets Avail                                     $12.00 EA Set / Per Week 
*We unfortunately do not have any cable availible at this time 

48" LED Fluorescent Replacement Strip light                             10 Available                                            $2.00 EA / Per Week 
Ask about fixtures. Limited Stock

36Tx18Dx18W - Display Pedestals W/Plexi Topper                 Ask about different finish surfaces      $5.00 EA / Per Week 

36" Round Mirrors with Trim
2 Avail                                                    $10.00 EA / Per Week 

CNC Cut shapes and Profiles
Through cut and Engraved Logos and Shapes                         Inquire by email.                                                                                                                          

Ladder Rentals - Different Sizes                         
                                                                 $10.00 EA / Per Week 

CNC Cut Stage Jacks
7' Tall x 30" Stand out                            $8.00 EA / Per Week

15 and 25lb sandbags                               
Email for Availability                               $5.00 EA / Per Week

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